At Meagher, Howard & Wright, we offer a range of accounting services including:


Accounting and Taxation management for business

The skilled accountants here at Meagher, Howard & Wright can help you prepare your quarterly BAS statements and tax returns. It’s essential that your BAS and tax are handled with the finest attention to detail, so you should always use qualified professionals to avoid any costly errors.


Accounting and Taxation management for individuals and family groups

Meagher, Howard & Wright has a long history of advising clients on taxation management for individuals and family groups many of whom are intergenerational. They provide peace of mind for their clients, knowing their taxation affairs are in order.


Business Advisory

Meagher, Howard & Wright can help you find ways to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in your financial practices, and make a positive difference to your bottom line. Saving time and increasing resources will help your business grow and reach its fullest potential, and we’d love nothing more than to help that happen.

We’re not just about numbers, we’re about delivering the best service we possibly can, and we genuinely care about the financial health of your business.


Audit, Reporting & Compliance

The accountants at Meagher, Howard & Wright have years of experience in the fields of audit and compliance, including extensive knowledge of Australian audit standards. Over the years Meagher, Howard & Wright has developed an excellent reputation in the field and are a go-to firm for many businesses and in particular Not-For-Profits.


Tax Strategy & Planning

At Meagher, Howard & Wright, our team of leading accountants understand that your business is unique, and will always tailor the accounting services to suit you. We go out of our way to guarantee a personalised experience, and create bespoke accountancy packages to suit your individual business requirements and expectations.


Financial structuring including individuals, companies, trusts, partnerships and super funds.

Whether you are an individual or running a business, making sure you have the most suitable structures given your needs and objectives is highly important as it can impact such factors as the amount of tax you pay, when you pay it, the ability to borrow funds and the amount of liability you are exposed to. Meagher, Howard & Wright can provide advice on what will be the most appropriate structures given you specific needs.

If you would like to discuss your needs and see how we may be able to help you please call us on 02 9387 8988.

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